Pornography and the Bush White House

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The ten billion-dollar a year adult entertainment industry is no longer an "under-the-counter" business. With movies, magazines, and the Internet all available on demand, porn suppliers are pushing the limits to expand their audience and keep people coming back for more. But is this booming industry about to face its day of reckoning from the Bush Administration? We hear from a producer, former actor, freelance journalist, and an LA prosecutor who's taking one adult video producer to court. (Philip Bruce, of public television station KCET, guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Gap in SAT Test Scores Widens - The racial divide in education seems like a chasm, according to results from SAT testing around the US. After marked improvement in the 1990s, disparities between whites and minorities are greater than ever. Tanya Shevitz, of the San Francisco Chronicle explains that gender, economics and cultural bias playing a role too.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Stars Aligned Favorably for School of Astrology - The Astrological Institute has received national accreditation, making it the first accredited school of astrology in the country. Founder Joyse Jensen introduces us to the school's curriculum, and shares her passion for the stars, cosmic energy cycles and horoscopes.

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