Post-War Iraq: Preparation for Humanitarian Crisis

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War in Iraq could produce a humanitarian crisis. Even the Bush White House concedes there could be 2 million refugees, with food supplies cut to more than 60% of the population. Others predict a humanitarian crisis that could deepen if military action were to be prolonged, or if Iraq uses chemical or biological weapons. What are the Pentagon-s plans to avoid the nightmare scenarios? When will the military turn relief operations over to civilian organizations? How thoroughly have the humanitarian issues been considered and planned for? We hear from a Pentagon planner, the principal author of the Iraq Liberation Act, Refugees International, humanitarian consultants and others about what-s being done to avoid the worst-case scenarios.
  • Making News: US Seeks Action, Not Debate with the UN
    The Bush White House said today that a French veto on military action in Iraq at the UN Security Council would be viewed as -very unfriendly.- At the same time, the administration is playing down North Korea-s firing of a cruise missile into the Sea of Japan. David Sanger, who covers the White House for the New York Times, has reaction to the missile test and the upcoming vote in United Nations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Kofi Annan and His UN Mission
    When he addressed the United Nations last fall, President Bush made the first proposal in history that the world should go to war in defense of UN resolutions. Secretary General Kofi Annan calls it -incredible- that people all over the world-and even in the US--are saying, -don-t ignore the Security Council.- In this week-s New Yorker magazine, Philip Gourevitch profiles Secretary General Kofi Annan and the price of the UN-s new importance in this week-s New Yorker magazine.

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