Potholes in the Road Map to Middle East Peace?

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Secretary of State Colin Powell today said the Israelis and Palestinians must both make concessions in order to achieve peace. On Saturday, despite renewed violence in the region, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas will hold their first official meeting. Yet that promising development is dulled somewhat by Sharon's plan to visit Washington next week to voice his displeasure with the peace plan. Is the Middle East roadmap laced with potholes that will doom it to failure? Guest host Jim Moret speaks with a foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Sharon, a Palestinian policy analyst, a Middle East historian and a regional security expert from London-s Royal Institute of International Affairs.
  • Making News: New Study Says -No More Big Fish-
    A study out today reports that industrial fishing fleets have effectively wiped out 90% of the populations of big fish from the world-s oceans, including tuna, swordfish and marlin. What does that mean for the world-s food supply and what, if anything, can be done? Marine biologist Ransom Myers co-authored the depletion study in today-s issue of the science journal, Nature.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA's E3 Expo and Concerns over Violent Video Games
    The video gaming industry, once viewed as a kids' market, has eclipsed Hollywood box office receipts, taking in an estimated $25 billion worldwide. This week, as Los Angeles hosts the industry's annual entertainment expo, Washington lawmakers are considering criminalizing the marketing of adult rated video games to children. Dan Hsu is editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly.
JIM MORET has had an extensive career in both local and national television news reporting over the past 20 years, including nearly a decade at CNN. A member of the California bar since 1981, next month he will deliver the commencement address at his alma mater for the UCLA Department of Communication Studies.

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