Powell Presents Case on Iraq to Security Council

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Yesterday, Colin Powell made America-s case to the UN Security Council, saying that tape recordings, satellite photographs and statements from unnamed informants proved that Saddam Hussein has breached Council resolutions. Powell said that calls for -serious consequences,- and that means war. So, how does it look today-in Paris, Moscow, and the Middle East? Does the case for Security Council violations add up to a justification for war? Will America-s allies be able to resist the growing pressure for military conflict? We get international reaction from journalists from the French, British, Russian, American and Arabic press, including one who interviewed Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix earlier this week.
  • Making News: Powell Makes His Case to the UN Security Council
    US Secretary of State Colin Powell has made America-s case to the UN Security Council. Watching closely was Newsweek investigative reporter Michael Isikoff. The co-author of -No More Hide and Seek,- which appears in this week-s issue, offers some observations on Powell-s credibility and the administration-s -best case- against Iraq.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Will Powell Have an Adlai Stevenson Moment?
    Forty-one years ago, another US diplomat used satellite photographs for another world-shaking presentation before the Security Council when Ambassador Adlai Stevenson provided the UN irrefutable evidence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Ted Sorenson, who was a member of the executive committee that advised President John F. Kennedy on the crisis, says that Powell and Stevenson have very different mandates at the UN.

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