Powell-s Power of Persuasion

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After Secretary of State Colin Powell met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today, another suicide bomber struck in Jerusalem. The Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, a part of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, has claimed responsibility for the violence that struck a crowded market, killing at least six and injuring 60. The White House has called it a "homicide bombing" designed to disrupt Powell's peace mission, and has renewed calls for the Palestinian Chairman to publicly denounce the strategy of violence. Israeli leaders want Powell to call off tomorrow's meeting with Arafat. We continue our coverage of Powell's diplomatic mission and speak with young people on both sides about living with the deadly violence and planning for their future.
  • Newsmaker: Venezuelan President Chavez Ousted by Military
    Venezuela-s populist President has been forced to resign by the country-s military. Hugo Chavez was replaced by a transitional government made up of business executives and labor leaders. Marc Lifsher, who is in Caracas for The Wall Street Journal, summarizes the tensions which led to the ouster, the naming of Pedro Carmona as interim President, and plans to hold Chavez accountable for the recent death of several labor protestors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Leader of Landmine Survivors- Group Presses Congress
    Queen Noor of Jordan has been among those lobbying Congress this week on behalf of the victims of landmines. Jerry White, who heads the Landmine Survivors Network, was also there appealing for increases in victim rehabilitation funding. White recounts the landmine accident that robbed him of his leg and began him on activist-s journey to provide aid to civilian casualties around the world.

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