Predator Drones and America's License to Kill

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A UN report says the CIA's use of drones in Pakistan makes the US the world's major practitioner of "targeted killings." Could agents be prosecuted under international law?  Do the drones make America safer?  Should they be controlled by the military instead of the CIA? Also, BP siphons more oil from its gushing well. On Reporter's Notebook, in Arkansas, an endangered incumbent, more money than ever in California, and more sex in South Carolina.  We look at tomorrow’s party primaries.    

Banner image: Pakistani tribesmen offer funeral prayers for the victims of a missile strike attack in the Miranshah on February 15, 2009. Two missiles fired by an unmanned drone struck the camp of top Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud in the tribal area of Ladha near the Afghan border, they said, adding Mehsud was not in the camp at the time of the strike. Photo: Thir Khan/AFP/Getty Images



Warren Olney