President Bush and Religious Rhetoric

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President Bush rejected the argument that war in Iraq was against God-s will. As have almost all American presidents to support their policies, he invoked religion in his speeches about a war. Yet, supporters and critics of the President agreed that his Christian evangelism makes him different from his predecessors in this regard. A March issue of Germany-s Der Spiegel magazine shows Bush with a cross in the background. France-s Le Monde said Bush was -convinced that he is inspired by God- and concluded that made him -dangerous.- What is reassuring to some is frightening to others. In this archived edition of To the Point, we join journalists and historians who write about religion, and the secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America, for a look at the role of religion in American foreign policy. (This segment was originally broadcast on March 5.)
  • Making News: The United Nations in Liberia
    The top UN official in Liberia has denounced all factions in that country for violating the August peace agreement that formed a new government after 14 years of civil war. Jacques Klein says, -Thieves, murderers and criminals- are not being controlled by what he called -weak leadership.- Into that maelstrom goes Mark Kroeker, a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and former Police Chief of Portland, Oregon. (This segment was originally broadcast on November 5.)

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