President Bush Drops the Second Shoe

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The Supreme Court began a new session today with a series of hot-button cases on this year's agenda. Chief Justice John Roberts presided for the first time, and Sandra Day O'Connor was still in place, where she'll be until the Senate confirms a replacement. President Bush has chosen White House Counsel Harriet Miers, a 60-year old former elected city official who has never served as a judge, to replace the retiring O'Connor. Meantime, "political water torture" is one phrase used to describe Republican problems from Iraq to Katrina, to questionable White House appointments and accusations of crimes and conflicts against leaders on Capitol Hill. We hear more about Roberts' first day and Mier's prospects for Senate confirmation, as well as whether the Democrats have a strategy for taking advantage of Republican problems.
  • Making News: President Nominates Harriet Miers as Supreme Court Justice
    Harriet Miers is a Texas lawyer, former member of the Dallas City Council and currently counsel to the Bush White House. She coordinated the search that led to John Roberts' nomination as Chief Justice. Now the President wants her to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Viveca Novak of Time magazine has more on the President's strategy in naming a woman to the court, one he once called a "pit bull in size 6 shoes."

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