President Bush Goes Back to Europe

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In Vienna today, where he is meeting with leaders of the European Union, a few hundreds demonstrators carried signs calling President Bush the "Number One Terrorist in the World." At a heated press conference, the President dismissed as "absurd" polls showing that Europeans think the US is more dangerous than Iran. The President also said he wants to close the Guant--namo Bay prison, and the Chancellor of Austria signaled possible help in re-locating prisoners. What about Iran, Iraq and Europe's own problems with radical Islam? We hear more from political scientists and journalists in the US and Austria on the latest attempt to mend fences with America's most important allies.
  • Making News: Seven Marines, One Sailor to Be Charged in Murder of Iraqi
    As the Senate debated timetables for troop withdrawal today, the Pentagon announced that 21,000 soldiers will be sent to replace those who are coming home. Meantime, the Marine Corps plans to charge seven Marines and a sailor with murder. They're being held at the Camp Pendleton Marine Base in Southern California, where Tony Perry is reporting for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Embryonic Stem Cells Found to Reverse Paralysis in Rats
    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found a way to use stem cells to re-grow the circuitry needed to move a muscle. The result has been that partially paralyzed rats are able to walk. The breakthrough is being called a "first step...a proof of principle," though application to human beings might be a long way off. James Battey heads the Stem Cell Task Force at the National Institutes of Health.

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