President Bush Heads to China

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President Bush was talking tough today about North Korea and nuclear weapons, just one of the many issues he faces in Asia. The President advised Pyongyang that it will not get the light-water nuclear reactor it wants until after it gives up "nuclear weapons and programs." In Pusan, where Bush will talk about trade and bird flu, South Korean President No Moo-Hyun said there is no "fundamental disagreement" between the two countries. Then, it's on to the region's emerging superpower. Is China's rapid economic and military expansion a threat to Japan or the US? What about America's so-called "One China" policy, when it's also pledged to defend Taiwan? We learn more about President Bush and America's Challenge in Asia from journalists and experts in US-China relations.
  • Making News:Pennsylvania Democrat Murtha Calls for Immediate Troop Withdrawal
    For the first time, a senior member of Congress has called for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha is a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War who's been in Congress for 30 years. Erin Billings, who reports for the biweekly magazine Roll Call, says the defense hawk says that before the mid-December election, Iraqis "must be put on notice that the United States will immediately redeploy."
  • Reporter's Notebook: What Does Woodward Revelation Mean for CIA Leak Probe?
    He helped expose Watergate, America's most infamous White House cover-up. Now the Washington Post's Bob Woodward himself is being accused of covering up his own role in another White House scandal--the "outing" of the CIA-agent wife of Iraq-war critic Joseph Wilson. What did he know and when did he know it? What does it mean? Michael Isikoff is an investigative reporter with Newsweek magazine.

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