President Bush, Iraq and Religious Rhetoric

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President Bush had rejected the argument that war in Iraq is against God-s will. As have almost all American presidents to support their policies, Bush invokes religion in his speeches about a possible war. Yet, supporters and critics of the President agree that his Christian evangelism makes him different from his predecessors in this regard. The cover of Germany-s Der Spiegel magazine shows Bush with a cross in the background. France-s Le Monde says Bush -is convinced that he is inspired by God,- and concludes that makes him -dangerous.- What is reassuring to some is frightening to others. Against the background of impending war with Iraq, we join journalists and historians who write about religion, and the secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America, for a look at the role of religion in American foreign policy.
  • Making News: Tensions High after North Korean MIG Intercepts US Spy Plane
    Tensions between North Korea and the United States are increasing daily. Early this week, North Korean MIG-s threatened an unarmed US surveillance plane. Yesterday, the Pentagon sent 24 bombers to Guam. In today-s Wall Street Journal, David Cloud reports that each country-s misreading of the other may lead to a confrontation neither really wants.

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