President Bush Lays Out His Second-Term Agenda

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Last night in his State of the Union, President Bush claimed that Social Security is in crisis. Today, he's begun a five-state campaign to persuade Senate Democrats to back his plan for transforming Social Security, even though some Republicans don-t want to tamper with America-s most popular social program. Meantime, Condoleezza Rice has taken off for Europe, her first stop as America-s new Secretary of State. Although last night, the President didn't call for Europe-s help in Iraq, he did stress diplomatic efforts by Germany, France and Britain to persuade Iran not to build nuclear weapons. We examine the President's plans for Social Security and Iraq with centrist Democrats, experts on fiscal policy, alliance politics, and American foreign policy.
  • Making News: UN, Saddam Hussein Gained from Oil-for-Food Program
    Paul Volcker has weighed in with his first official verdict on alleged corruption in the United Nations' program designed to let Saddam Hussein sell oil to buy food and medicine. The former head of the Federal Reserve says the $64,000,000,000 program was "tainted" with "conflict of interest," but that abuse was not widespread. Maggie Farley, UN correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, has more on the Commission's conclusions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Which Values Does President Bush Represent?
    Last night, President Bush did not say "abortion" or "same-sex marriage," but he did make reference to what he called "a culture of life," "activist judges," and a constitutional amendment to "protect the institution of marriage." Was that what conservative evangelists wanted to hear? We ask Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land, named "God-s Lobbyist" in a Time magazine cover story, and former Democratic Congressman Bob Edgar, now a Methodist minister and head of the National Council of Churches.

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