President Bush, PM Blair Huddle as War Progress Slows

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In spite of unexpected problems on the battlefield, and despite their differences with former allies, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair are upbeat about their progress in the war on Iraq. Reconfirming their intention to fight to the finish, even though they refused to estimate how long it will take, the two leaders agreed to ask the United Nations to renew activities in Iraq. At the United Nations today, US Ambassador John Negroponte walked out after Iraq-s ambassador accused the US of trying to exterminate the Iraqi people. We hear the results of the first Bush-Blair summit since the fighting began, get a report from the newly established northern front, and get military assessments of both sides.
  • Making News: Bush and Blair on the Future of Iraq
    Since the Security Council refused to approve the war in Iraq, the United Nations has been more than unpopular at the White House. Yet, prior to today-s Camp David meeting, Prime Minister Blair made clear he wants the UN back in the action. At their joint briefing today, President Bush called for resumption of a major UN program. David Rennie of the Daily Telegraph says the two leaders shrewdly sidestepped the political.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Al Jazeera-s War Reporting Not Welcomed by Some in US
    Al Jazeera got a cold reception at the New York Stock Exchange, as of its two reporters were asked to leave the market. Though officials cited -space considerations,- the exclusion is thought to be retaliation for the grizzly footage of dead US servicemen. Laura Cohn of BusinessWeek magazine has more on the Arab satellite news service-s Wall Street ouster and a hacker attack on its newly launched English-language website.

Blair-Bush press conference

Today-s Security Council debate on Iraq

Al Jazeera (English)

Cohn-s article, -Al Jazeera: In an Intense Spotlight-



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