President Bush Pushes for Broad Immigration Measure

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A van full of 27 suspected illegal immigrants crashed today near San Diego, killing two and critically injuring several more. Meantime, President Bush emphasized that securing the border will require a guest-worker program as well as troops from the National Guard. But there is vocal opposition to both elements of his "comprehensive" immigration reform. Will 6000 guardsmen and women be enough help for the overstretched Border Patrol? Is the border being militarized? Is the guest worker program "amnesty" by another name? We hear from experts on both sides of the debate, and get Mexico's perspective as well
  • Making News: Water Recedes after Worst New England Flood in 70 Years
    There's nothing new about spring floods in New England, but old timers are comparing this year to the Great Flood of 1936. Ongoing rains have swollen the Merrimack and other rivers to twice their normal size. As yet, there have been no fatalities, but the extent of the damage won't be known for several days. Raja Misrha is covering the flooding for the Boston Globe.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Dutch Threaten Citizenship of MP, a Critic of Islam
    Somalian refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali, internationally known as a Member of Parliament in The Netherlands, has been under guard and living in safe houses after death threats for her outspoken criticism of conservative Islam. Now, the Dutch government is threatening to revoke her citizenship. Folkert Jensma, editor-in-chief of the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, explores the reasons and the reactions.

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