President Bush Returns to the United Nations

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President Bush addressed a skeptical audience today at the UN General Assembly. He began by declaring that there is -no neutral ground- in the war on terrorism, and reiterating that Saddam Hussein -cultivated ties to terror while [he] built weapons of mass destruction.- While acknowledging that other nations opposed the war in Iraq, Bush insisted that America was enforcing Security Council resolutions and declared that it was in the best interest of all UN member-nations to help stabilize Iraq. Warning that terrorists might acquire weapons of mass destruction, Bush called on all nations to fight against proliferation. We hear excerpts from the President-s speech, and we-ll get reaction from the UN, Paris and other parts of the world.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Appeals Court Overrules Own California Recall Decision California-s on-again, off-again recall is on again. Last
    week, a three-judge panel of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the election delayed because 6 counties will be using the punch-card ballots that caused such trouble in Florida three years ago. Today, 11 judges on that same court unanimously disagreed. Hastings Law Professor Vikram Amar, who clerked for both the US Supreme Court and the 9th Circuit, has more.

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