President Bush Wins Reelection

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John Kerry telephoned President Bush this morning, and then addressed the American people. He conceded that Bush won both the Electoral College and a majority of the popular vote. Republicans also increased their majorities in the Senate, as well as the House. Despite the results of the election, America remains a divided country. In his second term, will the President claim a mandate? Will he reach out to those who voted against him, or push the conservative agenda even harder? We hear from journalists who cover the nation and the Congress, political scientists, voting-rights advocates.
  • Making News: John Kerry Concedes
    Early this afternoon Boston time, Senator John Kerry told his supporters, it-s all over. Introduced by vice-presidential running mate John Edwards, Kerry thanked supporters and cited a need for healing as he vowed to continue to fight for the issues he'd addressed over a divisive campaign. Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for Time magazine, looks ahead to 2008.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Exit Polls and Voter Sentiment
    It finally came down to Ohio, which gave President Bush his majority in the Electoral College. His winning of a majority of the popular vote is the first time that-s been done since his father-s election in 1988. What were the voters thinking when they went to the polls? Is the nation still divided? Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, says it was as much about the men as the message.

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