Prime Minister Sharon-s New Plan for Israel and Palestine

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With diplomacy and targeted killings, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is building support for making major change in the West Bank and Gaza. Just 72 hours after President Bush approved Sharon-s unilateral plan, Israel killed the latest leader of Hamas. Outraged Palestinians took to the streets, but right-wing leaders of Sharon-s Likud Party reluctantly endorsed the program. Will these latest events afford Palestinians a new opportunity to show they can govern themselves? Will Europe and Arab states provide the resources Palestinians need for security and economic advancement? How will the President-s endorsement look to Jews, Arabs and evangelical Christians in the November election? Warren Olney speaks with the leader of a national coalition of Christians and Jews, an international pollster, Youssef Ibrahim, formerly at the Council on Foreign Relations and former special envoy Dennis Ross.
  • Making News: Secretary Ridge's Preparations against New Terrorist Attacks
    Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says a number of high-profile events planned for this year could provide targets for terrorism. In Las Vegas today, he told Radio and TV News Directors that a new government task force is being formed to coordinate public and private security. Fay Bowers of the Christian Science Monitor says Ridge is trying to reignite Americans' vigilance as the country attempts to "harden" crucial targets.

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