Putting a Face to the Masses

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The Presidential election was driven by political consultants and state officials, but in an era of high technology, the people still count. We hear from those who really run the elections in every state, including a senior who volunteered at her polling place, the election supervisor for Broward County's, its public information officer who's currently helping with the hand recounting of votes, and the author of Election, the darkly comic novel-turned-movie.
  • Newsmaker: With the world's most important elective office at stake, Republicans and Democrats are seeking guidance from the courts. Prof. Terence Anderson, who's watching it all from the School of Law at the University of Miami, talks with us about recounts and re-votes, what has happened and what should, in four crucial court actions.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Once an opponent of the Vietnam War, today Bill Clinton becomes the first American President to visit Vietnam since the war. We talk with Mike Jendrzejck, Washington director of Human Rights Watch, Asian division, about this momentous opportunity to promote trade and human rights.



Warren Olney