Race and Politics

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Since the 1960-s, some African Americans have accused the Democrats of taking them for granted. George W. Bush was seen as a President who could draw minority voters into Republican ranks. His criticism of Trent Lott-s waxing nostalgic about segregation reinforced that belief. Then, Bush took a stand on affirmative action that brought public disagreement from Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. What do the President-s seemingly contradictory stands mean for Republican efforts to reach out to minority voters? Is the US moving toward a system of political segregation, especially in the -New South?- We join Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, former Republican Congressman J.C. Watts, Linda Chavez of the Center for Equal Opportunity, syndicated columnist Clarence Page and the executive editor of Biloxi, Mississippi-s Sun Herald for a look at race and politics in contemporary America.
  • Newsmaker: Obesity Suit against McDonald's Dismissed
    The fast food industry is celebrating after a federal judge in New York dismissed a lawsuit that blamed McDonald-s hamburgers and French fries for obesity in children. Roger Perloff, whose -Is Fat The Next Tobacco?- is the cover story in this month's Fortune magazine, says the case pitted consumer protection against consumer awareness.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Group Seeks Ouster of US Olympic Committee President
    Before the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee members were exposed for ethical violations. Now, the US Olympic Committee is under a cloud because of allegations against its own chief executive. The turmoil has escalated into resignations and calls for CEO Lloyd Ward and President Marty Mankamyer to be deposed. Alan Abrahamson broke the story of big money and political infighting for the Los Angeles Times.


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