Reaction to Middle East Terrorism; California Recall

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A Dead End for the Road Map?
At least 20 people were killed in yesterday-s suicide bombing on a crowded bus carrying Orthodox Jews home from prayer at Jerusalem-s Western Wall. Among the dead are five Americans, three of them children, in the deadliest attack since Israelis and Palestinians declared a cease-fire and agreed to implement President Bush-s "road map- for peace. Although Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has cut ties with the militants who have claimed responsibility, President Bush has called on the Palestinian Authority to -dismantle and destroy- them. One Israeli cabinet member says there is -no option- but -an iron fist,- and there are calls for completely closing the West Bank and Gaza. We ask authorities on both sides if diplomacy still has a chance.

The Struggle over California's Governorship
Addressing supporters last night at UCLA, Gray Davis admitted he-s made mistakes as Governor of California, but blamed a $38 billion budget shortfall on a sagging national economy and Republicans who refuse to raise taxes. Arnold Schwarzenegger has begun running TV campaign commercials and is meeting with his -economic recovery council,- chaired by investment icon Warren Buffett and George Schultz, the chair of Bechtel and Ronald Reagan-s Secretary of State. We join former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn and an expert on governmental studies for the latest on California-s recall election, as the Terminator prepares to close in and Governor Gray Davis struggles to keep his job.

  • Reporter's Notebook: Austrians Excited about Schwarzenegger-s Bid for Governor
    Arnold Schwarzenegger-s political debut has made news worldwide, but no country is more interested than his native Austria. In 1968, the young bodybuilder from a town with no movie theater, came to the US, and became a citizen in 1983. Now, he-s running for Governor of the biggest state in the Union. Peter Launsky, Austria-s consul general in Los Angeles, has more on Austrians- love affair with their fellow landsmann.

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