Rebuilding New Orleans and the Image of President Bush

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In the aftermath of the bungled federal response to Katrina, President Bush has promised "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen," to "do what it takes" for "as long as it takes to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives." Opportunity zones, tax incentives, job training and housing will go hand in hand with suspension of environmental and labor regulations. But the President never offered a price tag, and his own party in Congress is divided over the prospect of giving $200 billion to local officials who've been blamed for chaos and confusion during the past two weeks. We hear reaction from economists, historians, experts in poverty and government procurement, and Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi.
  • Making News: Reopening New Orleans
    Last night, the President spoke from a darkened New Orleans, with White House generators lighting St. Louis Cathedral behind him. He promised "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen." Did he say what the people of New Orleans wanted to hear? Cathy Booth-Thomas of Time magazine says locals are concerned that the President's promises may not go to those who need them most.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Has President Bush Repaired His Tattered Image?
    Last night in New Orleans, the President sought to recast his image from leader in war to uniter in the aftermath of domestic catastrophe. He talked about poverty caused by racial inequality. He offered federal help for housing, health care and job training, the kinds of programs he's been cutting back ever since he took office. Will last night's speech help restore public confidence? We get two perspectives, from political scientist Ross Baker of Rutgers University and Wayne Shorter of the Dallas Morning News.

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