Recall: Democracy or Desperate Search for a Quick Fix?

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A recent Gallup poll finds 64% of California voters are ready to recall Gray Davis, the Governor they elected just last November. In October-s replacement election, it won-t take a majority to win, just more votes than anyone else. The poll shows Arnold Schwarzenegger with 42% of the vote, followed by Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante with 22%. But with nearly 200 candidates, there-s real doubt voters will be able to find Schwarzenegger-or anyone else-on randomly-organized punch-card ballots, and election officials aren-t sure they handle the paper work. Reformers call it a national wake-up call confirming Americans- exasperation with politics-as-usual. We hear what that all means and the prospect for electoral chaos from a local election official, a Wall Street Journal editor, and leaders of California-s Democratic and Republican Parties.
  • Making News: President Taylor Steps Down in Liberia
    Charles Taylor has reluctantly resigned as President and left Liberia. People in Monrovia went about their daily business, unaware of the ceremony taking place in their capital city. Nicole Itano, who reports from Monrovia for the Christian Science Monitor, reports on Taylor-s admonition to the international community and reaction to the arrival of US warships.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Restoring Iraq-s Fabled Marshes
    In the months leading up to the war in Iraq, the plight of the Marsh Arabs became an international cause celebre. Their forced exile was a symbol of Saddam Hussein-s brutality, and there were promises that, when he was gone, the wetlands would be restored. Iraqi exile Azzam Alwash, an engineer project manager of -Eden Again,- reports on the intricate efforts to get the water flowing again.

Itano's article on the departure of Liberian President Charles Taylor

California's October 7 recall election

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