Recall Election Aftermath

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California-s recall election might have looked like a circus, but it was serious business for voters in the Golden State. They turned out in very large numbers and rejected politics as usual, by throwing veteran Democrat Gray Davis out of the governor-s chair. They replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, an action movie star with no political experience whatsoever.
What are the challenges Schwarzenegger faces now with Democrats and fellow Republicans in Sacramento? Will the voter revolt spread from California to other parts of the country? California-s recall campaign was brief but bitter. As the election drew near, there were increasingly nasty exchanges between Governor Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Despite the Democrats- claims of a Republican conspiracy, the Bush White House insists it had nothing to do with the recall election. Today, the White House says President Bush called Schwarzenegger and congratulated him on yesterday-s big win. We speak with journalists, a Republican Assemblyman from Ventura County, the President of California Business Roundtable, a Democratic State Senator from San Fernando Valley and the Vice President of Government Affairs at Family Research Council.



Warren Olney