Recent Bombings in Iraq; Comcast's Hostile Bid for Disney

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Securing Iraq
In Iraq today, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades struck a convoy carrying America-s top commander, General John Abizaid. The convoy entered a military compound and nobody was injured. The incident followed two bombings that killed more than 100 Iraqis, including police and potential recruits for a new army. Yesterday, Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Congressional committee that Iraqi sovereignty may be delayed beyond the mid-summer deadline set by President Bush. We talk about security in Iraq, international diplomacy and the implications for this year-s presidential campaign with a journalist in Iraq, and former staffer in the Defense and State Departments and the National Security Council.

Comcast's Bid for Disney
Yesterday, the Walt Disney Company posted bigger first-quarter profits than Wall Street expected, but the announcement by CEO Michael Eisner was completely overshadowed by a hostile offer from Comcast. America-s biggest cable company wants to merge with Disney into a massive communications conglomerate. Eisner has made it clear he-s opposed to the deal. We hear more about Comcast's bid, what it will mean for entertainment -- and Eisner -- from a former Disney board member, an expert on telecommunications policy and a media and entertainment analyst.

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