Recess is Over: Battles Begin in Washington

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As the Congress returns from its recess and the President from his vacation, they face a fading economy, dwindling surplus, and lots of promises they may not be able to keep. With midterm elections coming up next year, politics and good economics are on a collision course. Will they have to rescind or further cut taxes? How will they finance new spending for education, health care and defense? Is the Social Security surplus still locked in a box? We search for a responsible fiscal policy to balance the vanishing surplus, fund competing programs, and instill consumer confidence, with politicians and pundits.
  • Newsmaker: No Break-Up for Microsoft - The Bush Justice Department announced today that it is dropping demands for the breakup of Microsoft, choosing instead to monitor the practices of the world's largest software manufacturer. Douglas McCollam, of The American Lawyer, retraces the chronology of landmark anti-trust case.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US Hand Behind the EU Mission in Macedonia - Having failed in Bosnia and Croatia, the European Union has taken the lead in the latest crisis point in the Balkans. The Wall Street Journal's Matthew Kaminksi reports on the changing roll of the US and EU in Macdeonia, and on the just-completed first phase of that country's evolving peace process.

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