Reconstructing Afghanistan

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Some 25 nations have promised billions to reconstruct Afghanistan, but not even the Afghans know where to start. Food, roads, education and health care are desperately needed, but the shaky new government is not yet up to the job. As international non-governmental organizations and donor countries grapple with who will distribute money, keep order, restrain the drug trade, and prevent factional fighting, Afghans demand an active role in rebuilding their country's infrastructure and civil institutions. We look at such massive obstacles and challenges with the head of an international development organization, former Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth, and a free-trade lobbyist who worked on the Marshall Plan.
  • Newsmaker: Attention Kmart Shoppers: Retailer Bankruptcy
    Kmart's blue-light specials were a great marketing idea that worked for a long time. But today, Kmart filed the biggest bankruptcy case in American retail history. David Greising, business columnist for The Chicago Tribune, says the national big box retailer "chased customers away" with poor pricing and inventory, over-expansion and diversification.
  • Reporters Notebook: Using Computer Forensics to Find Deleted Files
    Numerous investigations have been launched into Enron and Andersen, and the news media have trumpeted the story that files have been deleted from computers at both firms. Will the deletions frustrate Congress, the SEC and the Justice Department? Paul Boutin, who writes about security, privacy and freedom of information for Wired News and warns that computer users can run, but they can't hide.

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