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For this Labor Day edition, we-ve searched the archive for some of our recent favorites from the end-of-show segment that we call the Reporter-s Notebook.
  • Death of Gambino Crime Boss John Gotti
    The boss of one of the nation's largest and most influential organized crime families is dead at the age of 61. Pulitzer Prize-winning Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin offers a surprising assessment of John Gotti, the legend known as the "Teflon Don." (Originally broadcast on June 11, 2002.)
  • Disney Concerned as Pooh Lady Continues Her Fight
    An 80 year-old grandmother who calls herself the Pooh Lady is threatening to take the Disney Company to court because she-s not getting her share of the action. Amy Wallace detailed the saga for Los Angeles magazine in -Lawyers, Tiggers & Bears, Oh My!- (Originally broadcast on August 2, 2002.)
  • The Jerry Springer Opera
    Opera and trash TV draw inspiration from infidelity, misdirected love, rage and untimely death, so why not an opera about a talk show host? Marshall Sella of the New York Times Magazine reviews the revoltingly funny Jerry Springer: the Opera. (Originally broadcast on March 15, 2002.)
  • Sidewalk Rage!
    Increasing numbers of pedestrians report that growing populations, increased tourism, cell phones and rollerblades have made good manners a thing of the past. Judy Hevrdejs has been writing about -sidewalk rage- for the Chicago Tribune. (Originally broadcast on August 14, 2002.)
  • Inside Saddam's Head
    What is Saddam Hussein really like? One of the very few people who can claim to know is Mark Bowden, whose -Tales of the Tyrant- in the Atlantic Monthly revealed the personal life of one of the world-s best known but least familiar figures. (Originally broadcast on April 5, 2002.)
  • Life in Mining Country
    Despite the horror of their ordeal 300 feet underground, several of the rescued Pennsylvania miners say they will return to their work. Kiki Delancey, author of Coal Miner-s Holiday, explains why as she gives us a look at the culture of life underground. (Originally broadcast on July 29, 2002.)
  • Charity and Commerce Bind World's Richest and Poorest People
    Author George Packer followed the astonished trail of thrift shop throwaways and the complex process that transformed American charity into a six million-dollar enterprise in global commerce. (Originally broadcast on March 28, 2002.)



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