Republicans, the RNC and New York City

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The Republicans got down to business this morning, passing their party platform by voice-vote, just the way the Democrats did in Boston. No debate was allowed on abortion, gay marriage, immigration or any issue that might detract from a weeklong display of party unity. Meantime, September 11 is very much on the minds of New Yorkers this week, as Republicans convene here almost exactly three years since the destruction of the World Trade Center. From the GOP National Convention in New York City, Warren Olney hears about yesterday's massive protest against President Bush, speaks with syndicated columnist Jimmy Breslin and a delegate from New York City, and gets an update on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site.
  • Making News: Moderate Republicans Take Aim at Party Platform
    This morning, Republicans gave Vice President Dick Cheney a standing ovation, but just as the Democrats did in Boston, the GOP focused on Party unity, the dominant objective of these four days. No debate was allowed, and that does not set well with groups that represent gay Republicans. We hear a bit of that discord from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Patrick Salmon of the Log Cabin Republicans.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Hollywood Republican with a Sense of Humor
    All this week from the GOP National Convention in New York City, Warren will be joined by former television writer-producer Rob Long. Now a writer for Newsweek International and, Long compares the "celebrities" at this year's conventions in Boston and New York City, and muses on what he calls "overconfidence" among Republicans as they wait to hear from George Bush on Thursday night.
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