Reserve Military Tours Extended in Iraq

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The Pentagon now concedes that US forces are stretched thin, from Afghanistan to the Balkans to North Korea. In Iraq, that means the tours of National Guard and Reserve forces are now being extended to as long as a year. That-s a lot longer than 20,000 citizen soldiers ever expected, and they-re already among the casualties of the post-war occupation. All over America, relatives of part-time soldiers are coping with unexpected assignments to active duty. Are the Reserves and National Guard being overworked? Is it bad planning, or are they doing just what they signed up for--serving on active duty in a time of conflict? We hear from journalists, an activist mother, military sociologists and analysts, and a retired commanding officer from Operation Desert Storm.
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    In Cancun, Mexico, 146 trade ministers have gathered for the latest meeting of the World Trade Organization. Protesters are being kept across the water from the island resort, but the real fireworks may break out inside the meeting. Though the WTO summit is the most modern ever, Jane Bussey of the Miami Herald says the proceedings will be dominated by an industry as old as human civilization-agriculture.
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