Rethinking America's Military

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President Bush campaigned on the promise to update America's outmoded Cold War military into a streamlined agile fighting force powerful enough to meet a new generation of threats to US security. But Washington is still waiting for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to unveil his "transformation" plans. We join defense experts from the public and private sectors for a look at the challenges of 21st century warfare and the political and budgetary challenge of reshaping the Pentagon, one of world's largest and most firmly entrenched bureaucracies.
  • Newsmaker: IRA's Disarmament Offer Taken Seriously - The Irish Republican Army has finally agreed to disarm but it hasn't said when. Will its promise be enough to save the power-sharing government set up 20 months ago by the Good Friday accords? Rosy Cowan, Ireland correspondent for Britain's Guardian newspaper, reports on the Ulster Union's reaction to the IRA offer and what to expect next.
  • Reporter's Notebook: IOC's Dick Pound Critical of New Direction - The International Olympic Committee has new leadership but the battle over reform rages on. Dick Pound, a runner-up in the election, has raised questions about the IOC's commitment to change. The Los Angeles Times' Alan Abrahamson has more on Pound's letter to the IOC and the cost and commercialization of the games.


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