Revenge: Eye for an Eye, or Turn the Other Cheek?

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There-s been another deadly bombing in Israel. The militant Islamic organization Hamas has claimed revenge for Israel-s revenge on a man accused of masterminding other terrorist bombings, which he explained as revenge for Israel-s occupation of Palestinian territories. The endless escalating cycle of retaliation continues, as it has in the Balkans, Northern Ireland, South Africa and so many other places around the world. We hear more about today-s bombing, then talk about the history, psychology and the culture of revenge with a Washington Post reporter whose search for retribution took her on a remarkable healing adventure, an evolutionary biologist at Oxford University and the head of the Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict.
  • Newsmaker: Hamas Claims Responsibility for Jerusalem Bombing
    Hamas has claimed responsibility for the bombing in the cafeteria of Jerusalem-s Hebrew University, calling it retaliation for Israel-s attack in Gaza last week that killed 14 Palestinian civilians and Hamas leader Salah Shehade. Peter Hermann, who is in Jerusalem, where he reports for the Baltimore Sun has more on the attack that killed 7 people and wounded 86, some of them critically.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Conversation with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres
    Israel-s Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in the US today for meetings with Jordan-s King Abdullah, former President Bush, and officials of the current Bush Administration. This morning, the first thing on his mind was today-s retaliatory bombing in Jerusalem. He talks about his meetings with Arab leaders and shares his hopes for a brighter future with Israel-s Palestinians neighbors.

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