Reviving America's Economy

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It-s a tough time to be governor. In state houses across the country, elected officials are grappling with budget deficits that total some $40 billion. With rainy day funds used up, cuts will have to be made. Despite some economists- forecasts that the recession may already be over, other experts say that an improving economy may not be enough to solve the states- fiscal woes. Who-s been hit the hardest by the crunch, and why? And why is Fargo, North Dakota is doing so well? We hear some causes and possible solutions from the head of the National Governors- Association and economists from America-s urban centers and heartland.
Sara Terry guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Kenya Inaugurates New President
    Kenya is making history today, with the swearing in of a new president, ending the twenty-four year rule of Daniel Arap Moi. Opposition leader Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner of Friday-s elections, marking the first time Kenya-s governing party had lost an election since its independence from Britain in 1963. Ilona Eveleens, contributor to Time magazine, was in Nairobi for the swearing in of the new president.
  • Reporter's Notebook: America's Secret Army
    Mercenaries, private military contractors and other guns for hire are flourishing in the American military. Whatever you call them, soldiers for hire are in big demand these days at the Pentagon. Leslie Wayne, staff writer for the New York Times, says the Pentagon can-t go to war without them.



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