RNC Grand Finale: President Bush's Speech

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Since Monday, it's been talk of war and terror, with speaker after speaker trying to tear apart the record, reputation and character of John Kerry, while building up George W. Bush as a steadfast leader in the war on terrorism. Tonight it's the Bush's turn to speak for himself when he will accept his nomination for a second term as President of the United States. After last night's attack dogs -- Zell Miller and Dick Cheney -- will Bush deliver a kinder and gentler message? Will he talk about jobs, health care or social security? From the Republican National Convention in New York City, Warren Olney hears from veteran speechwriters for both parties, veteran and first-time reporters, and swing-state delegates.
  • Making News: Hurricane Forces Florida Delegation to Vacate RNC
    One of the vital swing states is threatened by a storm more powerful than Hurricane Charley, which struck last month. Hurricane Frances is bearing down on the East coast of Florida. We get the latest on storm preparations from Linda Kleindienst of the Sun-Sentinel, and hear from delegate Eric Buermann, who's going home to protect property and family, about the storm's possible political impact.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Convention as Television Production
    Our Hollywood Republican Rob Long has been watching this convention from inside and outside, the journalistic bubble that forms at all such events. A contributing editor to the National Review, writer for Slate.com and a writer and producer of television, Long says the RNC has scheduled its featured speakers in a way calculated to draw viewers.

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