Roe v. Wade: Abortion Rights 30 Years Later

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The Supreme Court-s Roe versus Wade decision is 30 years old this week, but a woman-s -right to choose- is still under constant attack. Though a majority still supports the decision, many Americans still believe that abortion is murder. Even as the focus shifts to the rights of embryos in medical research and wrongful death lawsuits, the Republican Party platform calls for an end to abortion and Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress. Are abortion rights being whittled away? Is the Roe v. Wade decision itself at risk of reversal? We review the past, weigh the changing political landscape, and look to the future of abortion rights with a legal historian, political reporter, and leaders of NARAL Pro-Choice America and the National Right to Life Committee.
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    General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is America-s highest ranking military officer. Myers is in Turkey today, where the US wants to base 80,000 soldiers in preparation for a possible war in Iraq. Gurkan Zengin, presenter and editor with CNN in Turkey, reports that Turkey-s Islamic-based AK Party is taking a wait-and-see attitude.
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    Last week, on the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., President Bush announced his decision to support two lawsuits against affirmative action programs at the University of Michigan. Bush and others claim that, if he were still alive, King would be on their side. Supporters of affirmative action claim the reverse. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, columnist and author of The Crisis in Black and Black, suggests that both sides miss the point.

Roe v. Wade

Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (HR 4691)

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Child Custody Protection Act (HR 476)

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Stenberg v. Carhart

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