Rumsfeld-s New Spy Unit and the War on Terror

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Recent reports reveal that the Bush Pentagon has ordered its own spies to find the connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. In addition, it-s said to be building an -elite secret army- similar to Delta force, the clandestine counter-terrorism unit that was created in the 1970-s. Is Defense Secretary Rumsfeld trying to take over the war on terror and -cooking- intelligence to justify his designs on Iraq, or is he doing his best to find and destroy new and dangerous enemies before they attack the US? We get contradictory viewpoints, from journalists and editors on national security, and military affairs analysts for the media and former Congressman and Defense Secretary Les Aspin.
  • Newsmaker: The SEC, Harvey Pitt and William Webster
    The Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been the focus of corporate reform, is in an uproar again over Chairman Harvey Pitt-s crucial appointment of former FBI and CIA chief William Webster to the new auditing oversight board. Adrian Michaels, who covers business regulation for the Financial Times, explores the controversial appointment and the dramatic response to it.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Turkey-s Islamic Party Gains in Upcoming Election
    Because of its nature and location, Turkey is crucial to any war in Iraq. The Muslim state with a traditionally secular government is often called a bridge between the East and the West. But, in Sunday-s elections, Turkey-s secular ruling party is expected to lose power to the Islamist Justice and Development Party, or AK. Soli -zel, professor at Istanbul Bilgi University, considers the potential economic and international political impacts.

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