Russia and Chechnya after the Moscow Theater Siege

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In the midst of the Moscow hostage crisis, the Russian government had to take action. Yet in the aftermath, it-s been less than honest, and Russians are riding a rollercoaster of despair and disbelief about an incident they-re comparing to September 11. Doctors still have not been told what gas killed more than 100 hostages or how to treat the survivors. President Vladimir Putin has promised to get tough on terror, and Russians hope that the brutal war in Chechnya will come to an end. We get the latest from Moscow on the poison gas, the political consequences and the effect on the war on terror, from the Moscow bureau chief for Newsweek magazine, a biological weapons specialist, a foreign policy analyst, and two Russia specialists.
  • Newsmaker,: Muhammad and Malvo Linked to Tacoma Crimes
    The two suspects charged in a dozen Washington, DC-area sniper attacks have been linked to two violent crimes in Tacoma, Washington. Jim Wright, assistant metro editor for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, reports that handguns loaned by a friend to John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were used in the murder of 21-year-old Keenya Nicole Cook and in what originally appeared to be a random act of vandalism against a Jewish synagogue.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Pick-Six Bettor Beats 7000-to-1 Breeders- Cup Odds
    Three of last weekend-s Breeders' Cup races were won against odds of 13 -to-1, 26-to-1 and 43-to-1. A single Internet better picked them all, as well as the winners of three other races. While the chairman of Catskill Off-Track Betting in upstate New York says the bettor apparently just had -a very good day,- others want an investigation. Bill Heller, editor of Thoroughbred Times, considers the odds on the 7000-to-one lucky winner and the accusations of -past posting.-

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