Russia, Europe's New Partner?

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America's President Bush calls Russia's President Putin a man he can trust even though the post-Cold War role of Russia remains unclear. Putin smiles but wants to know why a military organization like NATO is moving so close to his borders. Although the rest of Europe may have taken to Bush more than had been expected, on issues of substance, its leaders sound more like Putin. In the aftermath of Bush's first diplomatic visit, we examine the economic, strategic, and diplomatic reality in and regarding Europe with journalists and researchers from all three communities.
  • Newsmaker: Juan Raul Garza Prepares to Die Tuesday - After 38 years, the nation prepares for its second federal execution in little more than a week, this one of murderer Juan Raul Garza. Karin Grunden, reporter for the Terre Haute Tribune, reflects on the changing mood in that city as well as recent and imminent Supreme Court rulings on the controversial death penalty case.
  • Reporter's Notebook: America's New Migrant Workforce Drives RVs and Votes against Retirement - A freelance reporter surfs the Internet for America's newest counter culture and discovers it, surprisingly, in RV parks. Sara Terry, who writes regularly for the Christian Science Monitor, introduces us to the senior citizens who've pull up stakes to seek relief from retirement. She lets us in on their new life outside the mainstream.

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