Saddam Hussein Captured

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As all the world knows, Saddam Hussein was discovered in a hole in the ground at a farmhouse not far from his hometown of Tikrit. Coming 38 weeks after the US invasion of Iraq, Saddam's capture was a stunning surprise, and one the President Bush said was the product of much improved intelligence. The President says that the capture of the former Iraqi leader will help make Iraq free and the rest of the world safer. He says Iraqis themselves will try their former leader, to give him the justice he denied his own people. Yet, as he did yesterday, Bush cautioned again today that violence in that country is bound to continue. How is the incident being covered in Europe and the Middle East? What was the reaction among insurgents who-ve been attacking US forces and Iraqis working with the coalition? We hear from the White House and Iraq, including a reporter who was with the insurgents when the news came through.
  • Making News: President Bush's Press Conference on Saddam's Capture
    President Bush answered reporters- questions for 45 minutes today. Though the main topic was the capture of Saddam Hussein, the President ended his last news conference of 2003 by saying it-s been a great year. David Sanger, who covers the White House for the New York Times, says Bush stayed away from politics, choosing instead to use the capture of Saddam Hussein as the capstone for this year's legislative accomplishments.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Saddam's Capture and Domestic Politics
    Yesterday, candidates for next year-s Democratic nomination congratulated the US military. Even Howard Dean said criticism of President Bush was inappropriate on the day of Saddam Hussein-s capture. Today, President Bush said he would not talk politics until next year, but would just continue his job of protecting Americans--a job he likes. Will this be a turning point in the campaign? Ron Brownstein is national political reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Centcom briefing on Operation Red Dawn, the capture of Saddam Hussein

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