Saddam on Trial

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Saddam Hussein was pulled out of his "spider hole” exactly a year ago, but since July, when his defiant appearance galvanized those both for and against him, he's been out of sight. The "quick trial” for a long list of atrocities and crimes against humanity, promised by US and Iraqi authorities has not happened, and there's much dispute about fairness, available evidence and whether the death penalty should apply. Would trying Saddam help Iraq establish the rule of law? Would it give him a forum to pit ethnic and tribal groups against one another? Do Iraqis still care? We look at the challenges inherent in Saddam's upcoming trial with reporters in Baghdad, experts on the Middle East, the military, international justice and war crimes, including the chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials.
  • Making News: Bush Moves EPA Chief to HHS in Latest Cabinet Shuffle
    President Bush today nominated a new Secretary of Health and Human Services to replace Tommy Thompson, who resigned on December 3. Mike Leavitt, former Governor of Utah, now head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann assesses the Leavitt nomination and updates yesterday's voluntary withdrawal by Bernard Kerik, who Bush had tapped to head the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 2005 Golden Globe Nominations Announced
    Last year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globes awards correctly predicted Oscar winners in all the key categories. Is that likely to happen again? This year, nominations include Sideways, The Aviator and Jamie Foxx. Ella Taylor, film critic for the LA Weekly, offers her thoughts on the nominees, the wanna-be's, and the should-be's.

President Bush names Mike Levitt to head Health and Human Services

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