Same-Sex Marriage

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The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has ignited a firestorm by ruling that homosexual couples are entitled to be legally married. Meantime, growing numbers of other states are rushing to ban the practice, and there is increased pressure for amending the federal constitution to restrict marriage to a man and a woman. President Bush would support that -if necessary,- but Democrats like John Kerry are searching for middle ground. Has the Massachusetts Supreme Court advanced the cause of gay marriage or set it back? Will the issue make any difference in this year-s presidential campaign? We speak with political scientists, pollsters, and advocates and opponents of same-sex marriage.
  • Making News: President Bush Names Intelligence Commission
    President Bush today announced the formation of an independent commission to assess the accuracy of American intelligence, specifically Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The President named seven of nine committee member, including liberal Democrat Charles Robb and Republican Senator John McCain. The Christian Science Monitor's Fay Bowers has more on the bipartisan committee and the high-stakes challenge ahead.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Prospects for Internet Voting
    Internet voting would be the cheapest and most convenient way of conducting elections, if the results could be certified as legitimate. The Pentagon wanted overseas personnel to vote on-line in November-s presidential election, but that plan has been scrapped. Computer scientist Avi Rubin and Thad Hall of the Century Foundation assess the prospects and perils of online voting.

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