Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe?

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For the past two days, the emphatic message of top US officials is that Saudi Arabia is America-s -longstanding friend and ally.- They have been trying to counteract the very different message reported in Tuesday-s Washington Post. Last July, an analyst for the Rand Corporation told the Defense Policy Board that Saudi Arabia is, -the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent- in the Middle East. In the aftermath of September 11, is a policy disagreement becoming a major divide? We hear about Saudi Arabia-s role in terrorism, an attack on Iraq, spreading hatred for western values--and oil. Joining us are the author of the Post story, a member of the Defense Policy Board, a Middle East specialist from the Council on Foreign Relations, and a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
  • Newsmaker: Iraq-s -Urban Lair- War Strategy
    In a televised address to his nation, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declared, -The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs to die in disgraceful failure.- He spoke on the anniversary of the end of Iraq-s war with Iran 14 years ago, and as President Bush is threatening war in the near future. Greg Miller, of the Los Angeles Times, has more on Saddam-s saber-rattling and the threat of urban warfare.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: West Nile Virus Heads West
    Since it first appeared in the US in 1999, the West Nile Virus has showed up in 34 states and the District of Columbia, mostly in birds. While most of the people infected develop only flu-like symptoms, in some cases, it can be fatal. This year, 112 human cases have been reported, more than half in the past week. Christine Gorman, who writes on health and science for Time magazine, reports on what to expect and what to do.

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