Saudi Bombing: Terrorism in the Heart of Islam

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The latest toll from Saturday-s suicide bombing in Riyad is 17 dead, including 5 children, and 122 wounded. Those numbers are expected to rise. Meantime, Saudi Arabia is sending 4600 troops to Mecca for the remaining three weeks of Ramadan. Officials blame Saturday-s deadly bombing in Riyadh on al Qaeda terrorism, and are fearful there will be more to come. Why are Arabs and holy sites being singled out for such attacks? Do they signify growing strength and confidence or desperation on the part of al Qaeda? How vulnerable is the Saudi Royal Family? We examine these issues and what the violence means for US relations with the world-s major supplier of oil with terrorism and security experts, a journalist in Saudi Arabia, and the Royal Saudi Embassy in the US.
  • Making News: Supreme Court to Decide on Jurisdiction over Guantanamo Bay
    The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases involving inmates at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. While detainees- claim that they are being held wrongly, other federal courts have claimed that they have no jurisdiction. David Savage, who reports on the Supreme Court for the Los Angeles Times, has more on the upcoming cases, which will likely be decided next June.
  • Reporter's Notebook: $87 Billion for Iraq Approved by Six Senators?
    The President-s $87 billion Iraq aid package was hotly debated. Yet when the Senate made its final decision, it did so by -voice vote,- so no Senator was ever recorded as being for or against the controversial issue. Harold Meyerson, editor-at-large for The American Prospect, and Stephen Hess, of the Brookings Institution, discuss political accountability in -the world-s greatest deliberative body.-

Sanger-s article on the Guantanamo Bay cases

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