Saving the Earth: The Second Earth Summit

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Ten years after the first Earth Summit in Rio, 60 heads of state and more than 40,000 delegates are gathering in Johannesburg. Though the air, oceans and water supply haven-t changed much, the second summit will focus on -sustainable development.- Working through governments and non-governmental agencies, its leaders hope to secure credible commitments from environmentalists and industrialists to develop economies and ecosystems that allow both to prosper. We get a preview of the challenge ahead from the head of the Summit, technology, public policy and environmental science experts.
  • Newsmaker: USF-s Dramatic Move to Fire Palestinian Professor
    Florida-s Governor, the President-s brother, is supporting the efforts of state-run South Florida University to fire a Palestinian professor of computer science. Governor Jeb Bush claims that Sami Al-Arian -has ties to people who want to undermine the United States of America.- Michael Fechter of the Tampa Tribune has more on the ongoing accusations and actions.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Catholic Outrage over Mexican Movie
    In Mexico, the Conference of Bishops has condemned a new film as -an insult to the religious beliefs of Catholics.- The film which has political overtones for a devoutly Catholic President Vicente Fox, whose election ended 70 years of rigidly secular government, is already enjoying huge box office success. Freelance journalist-film critic Leonardo Garcia Tsao looks at the content and criticism of The Crime of Father Amaro.

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