School Lunches

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Are happy meals healthy meals? School lunch programs are more nutritious than ever, but they must serve many, very quickly. They also must compete with fast food companies that are eager to help cash-strapped schools as they cement brand loyalty. We weigh the impact of fast food on the health of American kids with a former food service director who develops fast-food school lunches, and representatives of Project LEAN, the American School Food Service Association, and the USDA.
  • Newsmaker: Ashcroft Begins the Confirmation Process - Senate confirmation begins today for John Ashcroft, Bush's choice for Attorney General. Ashcroft lost his Senate seat to a man who perished in a plane crash before the election. Bruce Shapiro, of The Nation, says the thrust of Ashcroft's policy, not his viewpoints, make him the wrong person for the job.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Seniors in the Workforce - Americans today are working longer. At 92, 95 - even 102, many find the 40-hour week an appealing way to stave off boredom and maintain social interaction. Green Thumb's Andrea Wooten says you can "teach an old dog new tricks," thanks to their positive work ethic and will to learn.



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