Secular Democratic Turkey at Critical Crossroads

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Being an Islamic country did not protect Turkey from four deadly bombings thought to be the work of Islamic extremists. Now, President Bush calls the secular democracy yet another front of the War on Terror. Although Jews and westerners may be the immediate targets of such attacks, being Muslim will offer no protection for Turks themselves. With Istanbul at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East, how will Turkey maintain its delicate balance? What-s at stake for NATO, the European Union and the United States? What-s next for the historic bridge between the West and the Middle East? We speak with experts on Turkey from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, The German Marshall Fund's Transatlantic Center, Istanbul's Bilgi University, and the Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy.
  • Making News: The Policy and Politics of the New Medicare Bill
    Congress is deeply divided over the $400 billion Medicare bill, which would pay for prescription drugs and subsidize HMO-s. The bill barely squeaked past the House early Saturday morning, and the Senate began debating it early today. Mary Agnes Carey, who writes for Congressional Quarterly, explains why some call the legislation a good first step, while others condemn it as the beginning of the total dismantling of Medicare.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Steroids and Sports
    If the US fails to take a tougher stand against performance-enhancing drugs in sports, New York-s bid for the 2012 Olympics could be in trouble, according to the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Dick Pound also accused the Bush White House of not being interested in the issue. Dr. Gary Wadler, author of Drugs and the Athlete, considers the increasing evidence of drug use in pro sports, amateur athletics and even in high schools.

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