Security Council, Bush Doing the Two-Step on Iraq

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President Bush today signed the Congressional resolution authorizing the United States to make war on Iraq. Despite expressing the hope that force will not be needed, Bush promised that it will be used if Iraq does not comply with UN Security Council resolutions. Meanwhile, as the Council begins two days of debate on whether to make tough new demands on Saddam Hussein, Bush challenged the world body to live up to -the purposes of its founding to protect our common security-- We get an update on progress at the UN, including the importance of Iraqi oil to putting together the President-s coalition, and look at America-s military preparations in the Middle East, with UN and Pentagon correspondents, one of the world-s leading economics consultants on oil, and the deputy director of Russia-s Institute for the US and Canada Studies.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Signs Resolution for War on Iraq
    In the East Room of the White House, with 100 members of Congress from both parties standing by, President Bush this morning signed the authorization to wage war on Iraq. Larry McQuillan, White House correspondent for USA Today, emphasizes the gravity of the resolution authorizing military action and the President-s determination to affect regime change as well as disarmament in Iraq.
  • Reporter's Notebook: PBS Jim Crow Series Pushes Newspaper toward Self-Exam
    The four-part PBS series, The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, captures the systematic disenfranchisement of black people from the end of the Civil War until the civil rights movement of the 1960-s. Coincidentally, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram- Tim Madigan has investigated his own paper-s ugly history of racist news coverage during that era, a practice that included sins of omission and commission.

President Bush Signs Iraq Resolution

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