Senior Drivers and Suburban Cities

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Last week, an 86-year old former salesman with a clean driving record barreled through the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, killing 10 people and injuring 45 more. Though he told police he hit the accelerator instead of the brake, criminal charges are still possible, and there-s been a nationwide call for a crackdown on elderly drivers. It-s no wonder that senior citizens don-t want to give up the keys, especially in suburbs of Houston, Miami or LA, all designed to require one car for each adult. Is it time for a crackdown, or can America-s aging population be made less dependent on cars? We hear from urban planners, an 86 year-old who-s been driving since 1938, the head of a suburban homeowners- group, and national advocate for dignified geriatric care.
  • Making News: Mortar Shells Rain Down on Liberian Capital of Monrovia
    There is chaos in Liberia-s capital city of Monrovia today. At least 60 people have been killed, and a shell fell on a compound near the US Embassy. The reason for the violence is unclear since there are no government troops or front lines in the central city. Many Liberians are blaming President Bush. Time Magazine's Stefan Faris reports that as the US becomes increasingly non-committal, Liberians are becoming evermore desperate.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Upset at Sandwich as Ohio Unknown Wins British Open
    Nobody-s won the British Open on the first try since Tom Watson in 1975. By then, Watson was an experienced professional golfer with some major victories. Yesterday, Ben Curtis won during his first year on the PGA tour, when he was ranked 396th in the world and had never finished a tournament in the top ten. Graham Spiers of Glasgow-s Herald reports on the unknown 26 year-old from Ohio who upset the world of big-time golf.

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