September 11 Secrets and Conspiracy Theories

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More than two years after September 11, so many questions remain unanswered that conspiracy theories still surround the attacks on New York and Washington. New Jersey's former Governor Thomas Kean heads a bipartisan commission established by Congress to investigate the attacks of September 11. Republican Kean has threatened to subpoena documents if the Bush White House won't hand them over. Gore Vidal, one of America's best known writers-and one of its leading dissidents, insists that too many questions are going unanswered. We speak with an investigative Newsweek correspondent, a member of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission, an investigative author, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Bureau Chief at the National Security News Service.
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    A week of deadly violence in Iraq, Americans are being urged to take precautions against what the US Consulate calls a "day of resistance" most likely tomorrow.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Former Enron Executive Pleads Guilty
    The Enron investigation is back in the news. A former high-ranking corporate official has put the Enron story back in the news by pleading guilty to federal crimes. David W. Delainey was chief of Enron's wholesale and retail energy divisions. Now, he's become the highest ranking former Enron official to admit he took part in crimes.



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