Sharon Elected Israeli Prime Minister

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Can a man accused of war crimes, make peace? Ariel Sharon, who was forced to step down as Defense Minister because of his personal responsibility for atrocities in South Lebanon 18 years ago, has been elected Prime Minister of Israel. In a complicated region with a history of conflict, Sharon will be constrained by both Israeli and international politics. We hear about his past and what to expect in the future as he tries to pull together a "unity" government. We'll also hear from two rabbis on Sharon's impact on US support for Israel, especially among young, American Jews.
  • Newsmaker: Possible Airline Strikes - Although consumers may face travel disruptions this spring, President Bush does not need to worry about possible walkouts at four major airlines. Michael Arndt, of BusinessWeek, cautions that the well-regulated industry has built-in protections against strikes, and he updates us on union negotiations at all four carriers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mad Cow Disease Spreads Beyond Europe - Recent reports have criticized American feed manufacturers for not complying with regulations meant to prevent the spread of "mad cow disease" to the US. So far, there have been no incidents reported. Veterinarian William Shulaw, a specialist in cattle and sheep diseases, speculates on the risks of the disease spreading to the US.


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