Shifting Gun Control Policy

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From Clinton to Bush, in the White House and Congress, the balance of power has shifted on gun control. Interpretation of the Second Amendment has become a political hot button that's been credited with determining political races across the nation. As the NRA and anti-gun lobby continue their fight over the right and responsibilities of owning guns, we search for common ground on gun legislation, loopholes, safety and violence. We speak with the NRA and some of its major opponents about today's changing political climate and legislative landscape.
  • Newsmaker: Suicide Bomber Targets Jerusalem Restaurant - The militant group Islamic Jihad is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb that exploded today in a Jerusalem restaurant, killing 18 and wounding 87. Herb Keinon, of The Jerusalem Post, says the reaction on the street if one of shock and despair. He says Israelis have grown impatient with the violence and constant attacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Insect Infestation Wreaks Havoc in Utah - The Mormons who settled the Utah 150 years ago were almost wiped out by a plague of crickets. They were saved by seagulls from the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Now, the crickets have returned. Utah State entymologist, Ed Bianco, says the large wingless grasshoppers are wreaking havoc on farms and cities across the state.

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